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General Contracting Is Complex, But Belfast Restoration Makes It Simple

To carry out your vision is our goal. Belfast Restoration is ready to bring your ideas to life. As your commercial general contractor, we’ll collaborate with you to create a plan that will realize your vision in a safe, effective, creative, and economical manner.

Our general contracting services guarantee that your project is completed as efficiently as possible. Every stage of the process, including scheduling, quality control, and monitoring, will be explained to you. We’ll also stick to our promise to promote a secure construction site and address the numerous particular problems that will unavoidably arise.

Delivering High-Quality, Engaging, And Economical Construction Projects Is The Goal Of One Team

Belfast Restoration has a solid reputation for providing the greatest customer service in the business while completing commercial jobs of the highest caliber and at the lowest possible cost. We offer a wide range of commercial general contracting services, from full turnkey building solutions to straightforward repairs and maintenance. Regardless of the project’s nature—commercial, hospitality, industrial, institutional, educational, healthcare—we have the skills and knowledge to complete it successfully.

In the Greater Toronto Area, Belfast Restoration is a reputable restoration business. We’ve worked with insurance companies, independent adjusters, property managers, and homeowners for more than ten years, and we’re the first company they contact in an emergency. Whether there is a busted pipe, water damage, or a water leak, Belfast Restoration is the first to arrive.

The following restoration services fall under our area of expertise:


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Interlocking and concrete services

After a long Canadian winter, paver edges frequently fall out of position if they weren’t securely held in place by edge constraint. This can also occur when the plastic or metal edge separates, but the remedy is not too challenging. With the aid of sophisticated tools, the Certified Technicians and Restoration Specialists from Belfast Restoration can swiftly and safely restore your concrete and pavers.

Because it is dense and durable, poured concrete has been used for paths, roads, patios, and sidewalks for a very long time. Massive loads and severe weather are no match for concrete.

If correctly mixed and poured, concrete is simple to maintain and will retain its just finished appearance for years, even when the ground shifts and the temperature changes.

One of the most appealing qualities of concrete is its versatility. At Belfast, we can shape concrete to your specifications to build curved walkways, slick contemporary porches, or gorgeous backyard patios and pool decks. Additionally, you have a choice in the type of concrete finish you desire, such as exposed aggregate concrete, and the color of your concrete.

Asphalt Replacement

Before laying down new asphalt, the old asphalt pavement must be completely dismantled and removed. With this technique, the asphalt subgrade is leveled and compacted to make sure it is still solid and avoid any sinking or settling. Following that, a fresh layer of asphalt would be laid down to create a brand-new pavement. If the new asphalt pavement receives the right care and upkeep, it will last for many years.


If your asphalt driveway or parking lot has to be replaced, there are signs to look for. If your pavement displays any of the following problems, replacing it can be the preferable option:

  • Over 25% to 30% of the paved surface has to be repaired.
  • Your pavement’s age exceeds 20 years.
  • A few inches deep cracks have appeared in your pavement. Unstable foundation.
  • Over a quarter-inch wide fractures have appeared in your pavement.


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Garage and Ramp Restoration

Whether it’s a bridge, a free-standing parking garage, a parking garage in a mixed-use building, a facade, a roof, a plaza, or any other type of structure, all structures need proactive maintenance and repairs. Belfast Restoration’s specialists provide extensive maintenance and restoration services that are long-lasting. In order to maintain and preserve assets over the long term and avoid unforeseen issues and significant expenses, we offer assistance to owners and property managers. In order to assist you in making good financial decisions, our professionals focus on the most applicable and economical solutions.

From concrete replacement to waterproofing system upgrades, our restoration team offers a comprehensive range of engineering-driven garage and ramp restoration services. Even though accidents and natural disasters can occur at any time, most structural issues appear gradually over time. Regular inspections can identify these issues before they worsen, saving you money on costly repairs. However, our experts has engineered solutions especially for your garage if you do need help with a structural repair. We can assist you in creating long-term plans to stop degradation, whether you require assistance after an accident or in an emergency, or you have continuous repairs scheduled.


Belfast Restoration can’t stop the rain, but we can assist make sure it doesn’t harm your building. By using our exterior waterproofing services, you can keep your roof from needing pricey repairs or replacements when it begins to deteriorate from constant exposure to rain.

One of the finest ways to protect a residential or business property against water damage or other natural disasters is through waterproofing. Roof waterproofing creates a barrier between the top and the water damage, protecting the roof from damage. In the Greater Toronto Area, Belfast Restoration offers the top roof waterproofing services. We always use items and materials of the highest caliber.

Condo Renovation

We have renovated a lot of bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and entire condos throughout the years. We now possess the knowledge and skills necessary to complete excellent condo renovations on schedule and within the allotted budget. Leading condo builders, designers, and other professionals make up our team, and they combine their special talents to build your perfect condo in Toronto. We never speed the process, especially the design process, because it is preferable to take our time and produce lovely outcomes than to rush and have to make costly changes afterwards.

Every design we produce and addition we make to a refurbishment aims to satisfy the needs of our customers. We collaborate with you on the design of your condo, the selection of the materials, and any alterations you may need from the beginning to the finish of the refurbishment. We are accessible to make any last-minute additions you might require even after the restoration is complete.

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Roof Repairs and Replacement

Belfast Restoration is aware that not every roofing problem necessitates a complete replacement. We can do a roof inspection on your commercial building to evaluate its current state and identify any underlying or emerging problems. To get your roof back to its original state, our crew will be pleased to make any repairs. The roofing professionals at Slaton & Son Roofing will explain the reasons for this if your commercial building does require a complete replacement and will go over your alternatives to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the roofing solutions we provide. Our objective is to give you the best and most practical roofing options in the Greater Toronto Area.

With good care, your Toronto roof should last for roughly 20 years, but this endurance needs regular roof maintenance and repairs. We make sure to offer the best roof repair, replacement, and other roof installation services as the best roof contractor for residential and commercial properties.

Balcony Renovation

Balcony renovations are a service that Belfast Restoration now provides thanks to our many years of experience. Prior to starting any task, we comprehend the procedure and approach and are competent in dealing with Balcony Associations and Management Companies. For work in any Toronto building, Belfast Restoration may provide proof of a license, insurance, and bonding as required. Belfast Restoration also conforms with all balcony association guidelines.

Residential, institutional, and commercial buildings all benefit from Belfast Restoration’s balcony renovation services. Thanks to our considerable experience gained from several building restoration projects, we provide comprehensive solutions that will enhance your structure, increase its longevity, and improve its beauty. We work together with engineers and architects to ensure the most satisfying results. Belfast Restoration’s experts will examine your property to identify any issues and offer the best restoration services.

Caulking for Buildings and Townhalls

A substance called caulk is used to prevent leaks at joints or seams in a variety of constructions and pipelines. Using specialized tools, the Certified Technicians and Restoration Specialists from Belfast Restoration can assist you in avoiding pricey repairs and other damage.

When it comes to restoring condos and other buildings in Toronto, we commonly deal with failing sealants. External caulking issues are frequently brought on by poor application, climatic deterioration, aging, and the use of subpar materials. We are completely qualified to offer quick and dependable sealing and caulking services in Toronto and the GTA as the top caulking contractor in the city.

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