Condo Renovation Services Across The GTA 

Belfast Restoration is a condo renovation specialist that will provide you with outstanding condo renovation services

Belfast Restoration is proud to serve in Toronto and all across the Greater Toronto Area. We are a well-known restoration and general construction company. Professional condo repairs and remodels are in high demand as the number of condominiums grows. However, as the majority of condo owners are probably aware, remodeling a condo is more difficult than remodeling a single-family home. We now have the necessary experience to perform exceptionally condo renovations within time and budget. 

We never rush the condo renovation process, we take our time to create the best design for your special condos so you will get the best results. 

Condo Renovation Services Provided By Belfast Restoration

Belfast Restoration provides professional Condominium Refurbishment. With many years of experience, we have expertise in handling Condo Associations and Management Companies and understand the process and procedure before any project starts. Belfast Restoration meets all condo association regulations and is able to provide certification of licensing, insurance, and bonding, as needed to work in any building in the Toronto area.

We specialize in the following condo renovation services:

  • Lobbies/Corridors 
  • Party Rooms 
  • Guest Rooms
  • All Common Areas And Amenities
  • Project Management/Budgeting
  • Professional Project Design
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Additional Condo Renovation Services 

Condo Kitchen Renovation

If you are planning a condo renovation process we can help plan and carry out the project from the beginning, whether it’s to boost the value of your house or just for a fresh look. No property benefits more from a modern kitchen renovation than a condo because it serves as the focal point of condo living. We are committed to providing the best possible practical and aesthetic upgrades during a condominium refurbishment.

Condo Bathroom Renovation 

Belfast Restoration provides a wide range of condo bathroom renovations in Toronto and the GTA. Our bathroom renovation includes anything from small powder rooms to roomy full bathrooms. Together, we’ll endeavor to comprehend the specifics of your vision, including its layout, colors, textures, features, lighting, and other aspects. We offer the expertise and craftsmanship required to design the bathroom of your dreams. Our renovation packages include labor, installation, and waste collection in addition to the materials.

Condo Complete Renovation

Getting quality condo renovation services can be a challenging and complex process but we will help you from start to finish. Our team of renovation experts will assist you during the whole renovation process, and listen to your ideas to make the most out of the condo renovation process. There are still many things you can accomplish with condo renovations, despite the restrictions. Condo renovations can raise the standard of your living quarters while also raising the value of your condo.


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Belfast Restoration, The Right Construction Partner For You

Licensed And Insured 

We have complete insurance coverage for all of our projects, ensuring a hassle-free building experiment. For your peace of mind, we have all the necessary insurance coverage.

Professional Trades

Our team is skilled in what they do and has the necessary licenses to carry out the work in accordance with the building code. All of our crew members are skilled, polite, quick to respond, and good team players.

Transparent Contract

Every constructional aspect must be perfect in order to produce the best outcome. To make it apparent how we would like to be handled as clients, we have made our agreements extremely plain and straightforward. After each project, we like to maintain you as one of our friends.

Dedicated Project Manager

At each stage of the condo renovation project’s timeframe, you will have access to an assigned, knowledgeable project manager. They are prepared to respond to your inquiries, assist with decisions, and successfully organize every facet of your project.

On-Time & Budget

If we don’t meet our deadlines, it won’t be possible for us to complete the project on time. We will guarantee that the project will be completed on time and within the allotted budget, free of additional costs.

Increase Value & ROI

No matter the scope of the project, we are dedicated to enhancing the value of your condo once the condo renovation process is finished. To improve every customer’s experience, our design and project management teams are keeping up with current market trends and changes.